‘If you eat your greens, you’ll get a dessert.’ That’s like telling kids healthy food is a punishment and must be compensated by sugar and fast carbs. Yes, we know this may be hard, but try not to use desserts as a reward.


Most desserts are loaded with sugar and highly refined flour. They shouldn’t become a routine. The US Dietary Organization calls grain and dairy desserts a big source of empty calorie intake. Save them for special occasions and fully enjoy those moments. That’s how you bring back the magic of desserts as well.


A dessert is a gesture, not a heap. Keep portions small; a funny presentation is far more important than size. On a regular day, serve some plain yoghurt without sugar. Kids can add bits of fruit of their own choice. Dried fruits or a little bit of agave nectar may also satisfy a sweet tooth.


Kids are smart; empower them with knowledge. Tell them why you are careful with sugary and grainy desserts: because too much will harm them – and you love them too much to let that happen. Let children choose between healthy alternatives: `Would you like to have some yoghurt or a bit of fruit?’


Who says a dessert has to be edible? Spoil your kids with fresh air and extra quality time! Going out for an after dinner walk helps to enhance digestion and mood. Play some football or another game. If it’s cold outside put on some music and dance in the living room, or read them a nice story.