Laura Emmelkamp Scato van Opstall Keet Smakelijk

Like most parents we struggled getting more veggies on the daily menu. Until we found a very visual and fun way to make good, tasty food more attractive for kids.

from 'yuck' to a green fro to yum!

spice it up!

Our strong willed toddlers refused to eat anything remotely green. Leafs of lettuce flew around. Broccoli was spit on. Which was a pity, since we cooked it perfectly al dente, served it with a bit of velvet virgin olive oil. It was hardly mushy, bitter blob our little rascals refused. One night, after an hour of trying to feed them proper food, we were so beyond despair we got the giggles. At that moment one of us noticed broccoli was a kind of green fro, and started to gibe it a haircut. Before we knew our kids joined the game. One stem of broccoli after another got ridiculous green haircuts. Again and again. Week after week. The lessons was simple: fantasy and fun are the best tools to open up the nay-saying mouth of a 3 year old with veggie-fobia.

Errr…. a rabbit on a motorcycle?

Since we had two little human beings in our life our interest in ‘good food’ grew. We cooked and researched a lot – and came up with small stories that make eating veggies more fun. Gnomes, sharks, ballet girls and monkeys with tools, anything was allowed. Our kids favorite farm animal, a rabbit, ended up at the handlebar of daddy’s old Matchbox motorcycle. Just a tiny guest role to promote an experimental Crossover Salad for an audience of two kids. A one off, we thought. Little did we know: only a year later our rabbit would become the icon of our mission to bring more veggies back on the family menu: Veggi Rider. We published two Dutch cookbooks, made an English iPad app, delivered content for a School Project, amongst others.

Welcome to our Veggi Adventure


No, we are not behind the stove all day – nor are we growing our own food. Like most people we are busy, have a hard time fitting in homecooking – or running errands for that matter. Yes, we do eat pizza and fries – every now and then. We’re not food gurus, but we do know ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’ do mix and are vital for a happy and tasty life. We love to share our tips, tricks, recipes and experience on this site (and please share yours too). If Veggi Rider was a Hollywood movie, the trailer would be a bit like this: ‘We’re living in a world… full of obesity and processed food…. but the answer is on our plates…. it’s a simple truth… have fun and a tasty, honest bite… ‘ Welcome in the world of Veggi Rider!