We hope this website helps families to embrace a healthy lifestyle – which means you should use Veggi Rider the right way – hence this disclaimer. Read before you eat!

Never put anything else other than food on a plate. Our pictures are meant to inspire and to sell veggies to kids – and are not to be seen as serving tips. We don’t want plastic toys, paint chips and loose parts to end up in your food. They are not healthy – and can be a choking hazard.

Never leave a child alone when he or she is eating or drinking. Keep it safe, and just as important, social. It’s quality time after all!

The recipes should be prepared by adults. Kids may help prepare the food (this can be great fun!) but only with tasks fit for their age and capabilities. The user is liable to decide which tasks are safe and appropriate for a child. Children should be supervised at all times; avoid leaving them alone in the kitchen.

All content is our opinion, based on personal experience and careful research. The information on this website shouldn’t be considered complete and may contain mistakes. The content is explicitly not intended to be a substitute for professional advice on dietary matters or any other health issue. Always seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner with any questions you may have regarding diet or health.

For all recipes: the user is liable to inform him or herself regarding the manner and amount for consumption, including any eventual risks in the consumption of any specific product or ingredient.

All users of this website are liable to inform themselves thoroughly whether a recipe is appropriate or not for a child, taking age, possible allergies, manner, amount and all individual ingredients into account.


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