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VEGGI RIDER is an iPad app that helps parents to put more veggies on every child’s plate.

Spicing up meals with fun and fantasy is the very best trick. Kids will eat Dragons Tails a lot quicker than they’ll eat green asparagus. And those ‘icky’ mushrooms taste so much better when they’re put in Munchroom Muffin. The recipes, each with their own unique picture and story, provide clear instructions (over 500 how-to photo’s) on how to prepare veggie rich family meals. And with a hidden sound button in every picture, it even becomes more fun for children and adults alike!

Apart from recipes, stories and playful design, Veggi Rider also features a crash course on nutrition. Covering topics like carbs, calories, fiber, healthy weight, sugar, fat, salt, taste, vitamins, snacks, portions, soft drinks, organic, GMO’s, exercise, breakfast and much more. It’s all easy-to-digest information, empowering parents to make healthy choices for their children.

Veggi Rider is a valuable tool for any household. It helps to tackle obesity by promoting healthy and inspiring family meals, combined with food education in a highly animated fun and easy way.


  • irresistible recipes kids love to try
  • step-by-step photo cookbook
  • loads of tips to boost family health
  • whacky pics, entertaining stories
  • hidden sounds in every picture
  • fun facts about veggies
  • recipes in metric or imperial
  • email shopping list feature
  • animated cooking alarm
  • Veggi Rider is an awarded concept. It’s made by real parents and tested on real kids.

The complete version can be purchased for $ 2,99.

Veggi Rider is about to start it’s drive into your household: here’s the direct link to iTunes

Enjoy! Buon gusto! Bon Appetit!