The amount of kids with diabetes 2 is rising very fast. It’s the result of a lifestyle with too much processed food and too little exercise. With diabetes 2 you can’t regulate the level of sugar in your blood anymore. You need insulin shots every day and risk nasty complications later in life. The good news: diabetes 2 is largely preventable with a healthy lifestyle.


Eating healthy is of great importance. Cut down on added sugars and fast carbs, like soda, cookies, candy and ice cream. Favor whole-foods and loads of vegetables.


Exercise also helps the body to control the level of blood sugar. Children love to move, play, jump and run. Encourage them to do so for at least one hour a day. And don’t forget to limit TV and computer screen time!


The chances of developing diabetes 2 are much higher if you are overweight or obese. Help your children to get or maintain a healthy weight.

VEGGI RIDER says: prevention is the only cure