carrot - kids favorite

They used to be white, purple, red and yellow. But nowadays we see predominantly orange carrots. Cheerful and crispy, it’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t like them.


Best snack ever in a lunchbox. And a perfect bite after school. Kids love to set their teeth in this veggie. Raw carrots also help to strengthen teeth. Most goodies are hidden just underneath their skin. So it’s best just to wash them thoroughly, don’t scrape the goodies off.


Research shows that boiling carrots whole increases the supply of nutrients with 25%. So if you cook them, don’t cut them upfront. They will taste better and you will prevent all those healthy nutrients from escaping into the boiling water. Spread the word.


Since carrots don’t grow a label, here are some nutritional highlights: anti-oxidants galore in these orange heroes. Your body turns their magic beta-carotene into vitamin A. Great for eyes, skin, bones, hair and growth in general – no wonder kids are fond of them.


Grated carrots are to be found in Horsepower and in our less-sugar-more-carrot-cake Savage Slices. You can also mix them up in a soup called Building Blocks or in juices like Mixico Madness and Unbeetable Juice.

5 thumbnails 1) Building Blocks 2) Unbeetable Juice 3) Mixico Madness 4) Horsepower 5) Savage Slices